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Sunday, October 22, 2006


Well, as you can see, the forums have been removed from the free section of because of the recent excessive spam. It is very unfortunate! As the site becomes bigger it is important that the website can be easily maintained and is Spam free without requiring an excessive amount of time policing it. Therefore, the forums have been put in the members section.

I have started a new blog, and any interesting article or videos will be posted here from now on. You can still post comments to the blog but they must be approved first before they can show up. This should hopefully put an end to the problems with spam. As you can see, the site is finally taking shape nicely. I have to admit, starting from scratch and watching it grow is like having a child. You watch the birth, then watch as it slowly begins to grow. However, like many parents, when do you ever get a night out ; )

Good luck with your studies,
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