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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Idioms and slang

Learning another language can be confusing at times. Idioms and slang can often make little if any sense. Here is a few idioms and slang terms dealing with the work place.

Idiom: work in
Definition: rub in
Example: I had to work in two trips to the post office, stopping at Staples and picking up an executive from the airport before meeting the boss to discuss next week's schedule.

Idiom: work into
Definition: force something to progress little by little
Example: I had to work into my routine, it was too much to start with at first.

Idiom: work off
Definition: make something go away
Example: I had a lot of debt to work off after finishing university.

Idiom: work on
Definition: try to improve
Example: I often work on my golf stroke.

Idiom: work your fingers to the bone
Definition: work very hard
Example: He has been working his fingers to the bone looking after his brothers.

Idiom: work out
Definition: solve a problem
Example: I was able to work out the problem that was posted on the board.

Idiom: work out
Definition: exercise
Example: I often work out on the weekends.

Idiom: work over
Definition: threaten or hurt someone
Example: My parents threatened to work me over if I ever stole anything again.

Idiom: work up
Definition: stir up, excite
Example: I worked up a sweat jogging.

Idiom: worked up
Definition: feeling excited, angry, worried
Example: The students were worked up after failing the vocabulary test.

Idiom: worm your way out of something
Definition: avoid a problem or taking responsibility
Example: I was able to worm my way out of helping my sister move.

Idiom: worse for wear
Definition: not as good as new, worn out
Example: After getting back from the hike, I was beginning to look the worse for wear.

Idiom: worth its weight in gold
Definition: valuable
Example: My teacher's advice was worth its weight in gold.

Idiom: wrap (something) up
Definition: finish or complete something
Example: We wrapped up the study group before noon and returned to the school.

More idioms and slang can be found in the ESL Study Guide - Idiom and Slang database.

Missing idioms are automatically submitted for review. The database currently contains over 8,000 idioms and slang terms.

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