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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Speed Reading

Speed Reading

Getting Started:

Speed Reading helps improve your reading ability by helping you text faster. On tests such as the TOEFL, speed reading will ensure you have more time available to complete the test. With the reading section of exams being a common weak point of second language learners, increasing your reading speed is essential.

The first step in increasing your reading speed is determining how fast you read.

After reading choosing a level and a passage, complete the questions to find your reading speed.

Improving your speed:

Once you know your reading speed you can begin working on improving it. For example, if you find that you read at 200 words per minute (wpm). Using Speed Reader, choose a level and passage and then enter your reading speed. If you find you are answering 100% of the questions correctly, you need to enter a higher reading speed to practice with. As an optimal range, try using a reading speed where you find yourself answering 70% - 80% of the questions correctly. You should not overwhelm yourself, but you also need to ensure you are not making it too easier.

Something to keep in mind:

While you are reading, keep in mind the number of words you read at a single time. If you find yourself only being able to reading a single letter or word at a time, it is a point you can work to improve. Reading warmups is designed to increase the speed at which you move your eyes as you read. Watch as pictures appear and then disappear, then click on the matching picture. As you consistently choose the correct one, the picture will appear and disappear faster and faster.

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