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Monday, February 08, 2010

run into

present tense
-ing form
past tense
past participle
run into
run into & runs into
running into
ran into
run into

1. run into p.v. When you are driving and hit another vehicle or something near the road, such as a tree or a telephone pole, you run into it.
Ali was driving too fast, and he ran into a telephone pole. I was run into by a drunk driver.

2. run into p.v. When you meet people unexpectedly or unintentionally, you run into them. Bump into is the same as run into.
We ran into Karen and her new boyfriend at the supermarket yesterday.
I owe Frank $300, so I hope I don't run into him.

3. run into p.v. When you unexpectedly encounter difficulties or problems, you run into them.
/ thought it would be easy to fix my car, but I've been running into problems.
Janice ran into one problem after another at work today.

4. run into p.v. When the total of something grows to a large amount or number, it runs into that amount or number.
If you fixed everything on that old car that needs fixing, it would run into thousands of dollars. The number of starving people in the country ran into millions.

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