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Thursday, January 11, 2007

New Years

Hi All

Happy New Year. I hope everyone had a good New Years. I spent my New Years in New York and got to watch the ball drop in Time Square. I hadn't known what to expect but the whole experience overall was not too bad. My hotel was only 5 minutes away from Time Square so I didn't have to walk far. It was a little strange, in that everyone was hearded into pens setup and patrolled by the police. Unless you started waiting hours ahead of time you were not able to get very close to Time Square or could only get as close as your hotel. The fireworks were pretty good (though I prefer China on Chinese new years, now that's a display!). The most interesting point of the entire trip was the people. I was standing in Time Square and could see people standing on the roof of hotels and buildings watching and waiting for the ball to drop. It was pretty windy that night, not sure if I would have the nerve to sit on the edge of a 60 or so story building.

Happy New Year everyone, hope 2007 brings success to your studies

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