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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Toefl essay's - introducing your reasons

TOEFL Essays - Introducing Reasons

If you go back to the structure of your introductions you will remember that you are generally required to do three things.

1.) hook
2.) thesis
3.) introduce reasons

While the first two are mandatory for TOEFL essays, how you introduce your reasons in the introduction is subject to some leeway.

If you wish to directly give your reasons in the introduction you must be brief and directly to the point. For example, if your topic was whether the government should build a university in your area (assuming you argue the affirmative point of view)

First, a new university would save students money. Next, by not traveling so far away for school, students would be able to spend more time with their family. Finally, a new university would help develop the local area.

The direct approach is only one possible way. If you wish to concentrate on the develop of your ideas in the body paragraphs, another strategy is as follows.

Thesis + "for the following reasons."

By ending your thesis statement with a phrase such as "for the following reasons" or "for three main reasons" you can effectively connect your introduction to the body paragraphs of your essay. However, if you use this approach, do not forget to use transitions with your topic sentences.

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