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Sunday, January 17, 2010

living in china

Living in China is something a lot of foreigners are often worried about. Will I have trouble with this or that? Will I have trouble adjusting to the culture? Living in China I have found it is not just a matter of culture. In the first year alone, I would say the number of people is the biggest thing to get use to.

This has a lot of interesting effects. In Canada, getting something delivered can be incredibly expensive. A simple courier costing fifty dollars or more. The first time I move, I can remember renting a truck that cost $100 a day. God knows what it would have cost to hire an entire moving crew. Most Western students could rarely afford such a thing. China is an entirely different matter. Walking done the street in XuJiaHui, one of the busiest districts in Shanghai, you can see many things. When one man on a bicycle went buy carrying a stack of furniture higher than me (I'm 6'1”) I had to stop and take a picture.

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