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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Expanding on an idea

Topic: Do you like sports?

I think that sport is a very helthy stuff to do. First of all is that sport burn your fat u dont have to be a faty and get calls.

Where do we begin to build on this?

go back to the question
- did we fully answer it?
- is our answer properly addressing the question?

In looking at the previous two points, we should quickly realize that it is something we can improve. Do you like sports? What kind of question is this? A writing prompt like this is asking for an opinion and we will need to give some supporting reasons to go with it. Again, go back to our basic structure. The following is an outline of how we could structure our answer, expanding on the given writing sample.

- Hook: Is there a sport you play? find interesting?
- Opinion: Yes, I like sports
- reasons: avoid becoming fat, avoid insults

body paragraph 1
- topic sentence: Playing sports ensures people will (be skinnier/be healthy/avoid becoming fat)
- supporting detail: how do sports help you avoid becoming fat?
- burn it off
- advantages of exercise
- convert fat to muscle

body paragraph 2
- topic sentence: Playing sports ensures people will (avoid getting insulted/not be called names)
- supporting detail: why will people not be called names?
- develop muscle
- increased physical strength
- what about an example: martial arts
- not afraid to defend oneself

- summarize your point of view

At this point we have a complete outline and can fill it in by discussing our points (making the essay). When using an example to expand on an idea, use something you are familiar with. One last point, while fatty may seem informal, the use of well placed idioms in an essay can go a long way towards showing improved or higher writing abilities.

Good luck with your studies,
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