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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Where to begin?

Many times visitors to the site will submit things like the following in the free-writing exercises.

topic: homeless

I have a lot of things to said. but i dont know speak english very well. That's too hard for me. i was very upset because i want to saying, writting something but i cant do it.

While there is obvious grammatical problems. The first and foremost thing is always addressing the topic.

What did you want to say about homelessness?
- That it is a big problem?
- That it is a minor problem?
- How to eliminate it?
- How certain things are contributing to it?

From there, brainstorm on the topic to find 2 or 3 supporting points to help you develop your argument.

If you wish to write on how it is a big problem, then you may choose reasons to support that.

- affects many people
- insufficient retraining programs (government programs to help people find jobs)
- less government funding to combat it (things such as housing projects for low income families)

If those are our three reasons we then need to expand on them in our body paragraphs. Remember the basic structure of an essay.

- introduce the topic
- give your point of view

body paragraph 1
- introduce supporting reason
- supporting details

body paragraph 2
- introduce supporting reason
- supporting details

body paragraph 3
- introduce supporting reason
- supporting details

- summarize your point of view

You do NOT need to write a perfect essay immediately. Learning any skill takes times and anyone learning English should take this into account. You will need regular practice and if possible, someone to give you some feedback. As always, don't get discouraged, everyone has to start somewhere.

Good luck with your studies,
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